With the seemingly endless stream of worldwide tragedy in the news, it can be easy to slip in to the mindset of feeling powerless and harbouring futility. While you could switch it off and feign ignorance, or despair in an echo chamber of likeminded friends (guilty as charged); occasionally a little positivity, satire and funny WhatsApps are needed, and often the littlest thing that is within our power.

Serious tone aside - I thought I'd share some of the things I've been reading, watching and listening to - and loving. Because everyone needs a laugh and a different perspective sometimes.

LISTEN — A few months ago I finally jumped on the podcast bandwagon; perfect for the commute. For females talking design? Designed in London. For feminism and laughs? The Guilty Feminist. For current affairs, fashion and laughs? PanDolly

READ Email newsletters. I know, like you need another subscription in your inbox, but these are worthy of saving for later: The Dolly Mail, Girl Lost In The City (Emma has a great podcast too), The Coven Digest, The Pool's 'Today in Three', and Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner's LENNY.

Pandora Sykes' writingConflicted Beauty's blog. And comedienne Sara Pascoe's 'Animal: An Autobiography of the Female Body'. This book taught me, made me think and laugh a lot. As many of the best books do. 

WATCH The beautifully shot 'Lingerie Throughout History'. British Vogue's 'The History of Eyebrows'. Russell Kane's Kaneing channel. Leena's videos, particularly the insightful 'Stupid Questions with Leena' series. Still-my-favourite YouTuber ChelseaWears. Caitlin and Caz Moran's Raised by Wolves for the quotes. And AbFab - because why wouldn't you?

Do you read, listen or watch any of the above?