Latest obsession? Stripped back skincare. In terms of ingredients anyway...

It usually takes a pesky reaction to make me reconsider what I'm putting on my face. I avoid most fragranced, rich, chemical laden formulas as I've got sensitive, combination skin.

I can't be sure whether it was a small reaction to the Garnier make up remover I was using, albeit I had used it four to five months with no issues, around my eye area. Admittedly some evenings I doused cotton pads in the stuff... Or whether it was stress related. However it wasn't budging and seemed to get worse - enter Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser

I'm not sure why I haven't revisited Avène sooner, as I really like their Optimale moisturiser and I know some dermatologists recommend their range post-treatments, such as laser hair removal and microdermabrasion. This product contains just eight ingredients, two of which are water. Hence it's six month expiration but I'm a quarter of the way through a bottle within six weeks.

Safe to say, this soothed the minor reaction and cleared it up within days. I was a little skeptical that as it was "extremely gentle" (must take brand claims with a pinch of salt, really) that it wouldn't remove my make up thoroughly, nor have a hope of removing Benefit's They're Real from my lashes. Wrong. It does both, without pulling and rubbing. It takes a little while longer to remove make up but I would say this has soothed and even rebalanced my skin a little.

N.B. I use this for a first cleanse because I can't pass on a faithful flannel and water for the second. Some habits never die hard.

Have you tried Avène's Extremely Gentle Cleanser? Or any other Avène products?

Plus if anyone has any recs for sensitive, combination skin, please share! Currently trialling Clarins' Exfoliating Toner...