Another product that contributes to my on-off relationship with Benefit. I loved They're Real mascara and had a penchant for Bad Gal eyeliner a few years back; liked Porefessional and Benetint/Posietint but wouldn't repurchase. To name a few. However this product sits firmly in the not for me category.

The Benefit total moisture facial cream is marketed for normal to dry skin, however as I really liked the consistency, I couldn't resist trying the moisturiser, more so on the "normal/dry" areas of my face, neck and décolletage area. The product contains mango butter, albeit half way down the ingredients in the list, an emollient to provide moisture.

I tried this on a number of occasions and while I found it nice to apply, it didn't seem to make any visible difference to small dry patches. The smallest amount applied all over the face contributed to an overall slightly greasy complexion and so primer was a must prior to make up. I think the total moisture facial cream just isn't suited to my skin, and even if it was, I'd probably be put off by the glass jar packaging nevertheless. Despite it being very pretty, it isn't very sanitary to dip fingers in for each use and exposing the product to air each time probably affects the ingredients in the product.

Notably - and hats off to Benefit, although this was a sample, if you were to purchase the full size of any product from the b. right! skincare range and were not satisfied, Benefit offer a 28 day money back guarantee. A guarantee that I think should be adopted by more cosmetics and skincare brands, like Pai, Go-To and Sephora, this side of the pond!

Have you tried Benefit total moisture facial cream? Are you a fan of Benefit skincare?