I've visited Birmingham a number of times, yet the Bloc Hotel and its concept had never crossed my radar. The Bloc Hotel is a contemporary hotel, built on a minimalist concept, and bedecked with monospaced Bebas Neue.

As they state on their website: "not everyone wants to spend lots of time in their hotel. Most want to explore ... and eat out. Most people don't even want to unpack." Now that, I can relate to. So they rid the room of the unnecessary: a bulky wardrobe, a table, and ulitilise a smaller space (the length of a king size bed): a wall-mounted plasma TV, a bathroom akin to a stylish wet room, fitted with a dual waterfall shower and frosted glass to mimic more space. 

As designers, my boyfriend and I were impressed by the branding applied throughout, moreover, the attention to detail at every turn. 

It was also nice to see Bloc supporting local bars, restaurants and coffee shops by listing suggestions in the hotel flyer, and all within walking distance of the hotel. Taking advantage of the guest discount - and craving Italian - we ate at the Pasta di Piazza in the evening. The atmosphere was relaxing, and the bolognese? Delicious.

Bloc Hotel apart-hotels are based in Birmingham and London Gatwick.

Have you stayed at a Bloc Hotel?


Side note: some reviews complain of the rooms feeling claustrophobic, however we ensured to book a room with windows to avoid this. There are also 'accessible rooms' with more space available. Overall we had a comfortable stay and intend to book again in future.

This is not a sponsored post.