Admittedly, it was the website's name that first caught my eye.

Death To The Stock Photo appears to be in it's early stages as there's no full site yet (edit: it's now over a year old, and thriving!).

"Free high-res lifestyle photography sent to you monthly, to do whatever you please ... No catch. join us to rid the world of bad stock photography."

All it takes is a quick sign up using your email address. You will then receive a monthly email, linking to a free themed photo set for that month. The photos are usually taken by a photographer seizing the opportunity to showcase their work - whilst generously providing it to public.

The photos below are just a few from the 'bricks and mortar' themed pack I received instantly upon sign up. 

I look forward to seeing what pops in to my inbox each month!

Check out and sign up to Death To The Stock Photo here.


Let me know if you sign up!