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I'm yet to pick up the issue to see for myself, but here's a peek at the November issue of ELLE UK addressing that hot topic, with it's 'Feminism Rebranding Initiative'.

The magazine partnered three feminist groups with some of the world's most creative advertising agencies to create a campaign that would challenge some of the stereotypes associated with feminism.

This is the result of The Feminist TimesThe Vagenda and Jinan Younis working with Mother, Wieden + Kennedy and Brave.

I think this is a great - and well designed! - initiative, brought to the attention of women using an influential platform such as their favourite magazine. This takes a real stance on a topic that seems to be popping up more often of recent, due to pay gaps and people shying away from referring to themselves as 'a feminist'. Let's be straight, if you believe that men and women should be treated equally, what's there to be ashamed of?

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