This has been a long time coming as I was on the fence. Two sample sizes and a second version released later... Just when I couldn't make my mind up about the first one. I like it.

What took me so long? Two things. I know serums are supposed to be great but I'm sceptical of the usual claims. And honestly, I'm hesitant to use too many new skin care products all over the face, all at once as my skin doesn't usually take kindly to it. So I started by applying it around the eye area and to any scarring. Lo and behold, I woke up each morning looking more rested and over time, it seemed to help clear the scarring too. 

I've read so many reviews about this and the new Advanced Night Repair II, and I can see what the fuss is all about. I've got past the wuss stage and now apply this all over my face at night. As a combination skin girl, this hasn't broke me out, in fact it seems to do the opposite. Must be the cocktail of anti-oxidants and hydrating favourite, hyaluronic acid.

It's marketed towards women of all ethnicities and skin types, so it's definitely worth picking up a sample size from a counter.

As EL no longer stock this in favour of their Advanced Night Repair II, I'm very tempted to purchase this as a little treat to myself. Or should I say a treat for my skin.

Have you tried EL Advanced Night Repair?