I'd been eyeing the Barry M Classic Matte Nail Paints since before their release last month. The autumnal shades are my kinda nail colours.

On a quick whim in Boots (to actually find a mint polish) before catching the train, I took this to the till. I could've picked up a few other shades, based on the colour alone, but having not tried a matte formula before, I restricted myself to just the one.

The verdict? 

The things I like: I'm appreciating the matte finish more than I thought I would, the colour is similar to a burnt red - very fitting with A/W - a nice alternative to black, and it dries fairly quickly.

The things that I don't: Perhaps a matte formula needs to be thicker than a regular nail polish, I'm not sure, but it's pretty gloopy and a little painstakingly impossible to apply thin coats. Oh, and if you make any mistake, like those annoying little dents or bubbles, the matte finish makes them more visible than a shine finish would. And it has already chipped within a day.

I suppose I could fix the latter by using a top coat, but unless that's matte too, it sort of defeats the point really. Adds matte top coat to shopping list...

Overall this polish is a bit of a faff and I wouldn't repurchase, but the colour and matte finish I love.

Have you tried any of the Barry M Matte Nail Paints? Or is this nail trend not for you?