danielletc / Happy International Women's Day!
danielletc / Happy International Women's Day!

These are the kind of days that bring us ladies together. It's also nice to be reminded of the hurdles that women have overcome in only the last two hundred years alone!

There's a wealth of women and famous women alike out there but a few stand out for me. I realised that all of the ones that came to mind, I feel are more like role models in some way and in their own fields.

First of all and most importantly, my mum and grandmother. Both are amazing women, supportive and kind, and I love them dearly.

Paula Scher. One of only two female partners in Pentagram, the world's largest independent design consultancy. Unfortunately, it's not often female graphic designers get much coverage in what still seems to be a largely male-dominant field.

Natalie Portman. A combination of beauty, brains and talent.

Stella McCartney. A mum to four children, designed twelve collections in 2012 including the British athletes' sportswear for the 2012 London Olympics, has a total of twenty-two flagship fashion stores worldwide and according to The New York Times, her annual sales are worth almost £75 million. Ok, so it's not just her alone, and some may say her surname helps, but it's still pretty impressive.

I've only recently watched Girls but there's something so ordinary about Lena Dunham and I think that's what makes her so likeable. A writer, director, playwright and actress. Not to mention, she's not afraid to get naked on TV which must take guts!

funny female journalist = Caitlin Moran. Her articles are not only entertaining but thought provoking. Plus How To Be A Woman is worth a read!

I personally love Dita Von Teese. In every interview she comes across as honest; about being high maintenance, her former marriage to Marilyn Manson and her career. The height of femininity.

And who doesn't love Fearne Cotton?

Who are your role models?