A confession: I'm partial to a lip balm, or ten.

& other stories Plissé Lip Balm

So I may have picked this up purely for the matte white packaging... Nevertheless this vanilla-mint, rich lip balm does a nice job of exfoliating the lips. It's comfortable to wear during the day but I prefer to apply just before bed and wake with a soft pout. The slanted applicator is a plus, too. Overall, 4/5

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

This is a nice lip balm considering its price tag, however not so sure it protects the lips from drying out. It's necessary to reapply this a lot to retain 'soft' lips; personally, my lips feel dry when I go without. This rings true of Vaseline and Carmex also. 2/5

(Malin+Goetz) Lip Moisturizer

This is a thick gel, can be messy to apply from the tube and feels gloopy upon first application - a little goes a long way. Despite it's klutzy first impressions, this leaves a super glossy sheen and really does leave the lips soft and supple when absorbed. A nice product, it just needs a better applicator. 3.5/5

NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick

Consider this another bandwagon jumped, but for good reason. This applies matte and smells of honey. Not already sold? Nor was I until I used the Nivea Lip Balm for a day or so and found my lips to feel chapped; they hadn't felt chapped in the entire time I used Rêve de Miel. I tend to apply this quite frequently and so have used the stick in no time, but this is definitely worth a try. 4/5

What's your favourite lip care product?