Would you immediately associate LUSH with make up? Me neither. Bath bombs, yes, but not so much a range of coloured cosmetics. LUSH's Emotional Brilliance range "is about wearing something specifically suited to you" and consists of colour supplements and essentials, to liquid lipsticks, eyeliners and cream eyeshadows. Plus as you'd expect with LUSH, all colours aren't tested on animals and are sold in recyclable glass bottles. 

At a recent LUSH event, we were each gifted a little glass bottle of our own; I was given a LUSH Liquid Lipstick in Passionate*. LUSH describe this as fluorescent two-toned hot pink and purple stain, and that's exactly what it is and it packs a punch. The liquid lipsticks contain a blend of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax (a vegan alternative to beeswax) and rose wax which supposedly lends to the pigmented colour whilst also softening and smoothing the lips. The colour is so vibrant that for me personally, I prefer to apply with a lip brush for a neater application, blot, reapply and blot again. Although it's not a colour I would pick off the shelf for myself, the bright hue definitely lifts pale skin, giving it that somethin' somethin', but I was swayed by the pretty, toned down lip and that it's teeth whitening! However I did struggle with the longevity and slip after a few hours out of the house. As this colour is so bold and my boyfriend kept mentioning "you have er, pink on your teeth", I became pretty self conscious and ended up removing it. Perhaps this is just me though. I've since mixed a little with lip balm for a lighter touch, and it stays put! 

I also picked up a sample of one of LUSH's colour supplements in Jackie Oates*. LUSH suggests that the supplements can be used as tinted moisturisers or as foundation. Jackie Oates is the lightest shade available and is suitable "for fairer folk - those who rock a typical English rose complexion or red hair". I was intrigued by Jackie Oates for two reasons: it's always nice to see a true fair shade on the high street, and LUSH's offering contains a fair few more natural ingredients than the average foundation. Oat milk sits at second place in the ingredients list, as LUSH claims this "calms the skin" alongside aloe vera and shea butter. It also contains organic rose hip oil which is a firm skin favourite in many hyped oils at the moment. The ingredients list looks good to the (my) rather unknowledgeable eye. I found that you need to apply less than you think - as the consistency is thicker than my usual liquid picks - evening out the skin overall, however I still needed concealer for under the eyes and redness. My only bug bear with this was that it seemed to settle in to and highlight the pores on the nose and cheek area - the one thing I can't stand! So I removed a little and applied my go-to base over the top. The end result was a my skin but dewier finish, which grew on me once the oil slick had subsided after a few hours. I'm not sure I'd choose to wear this in warmer weather as it had me almost reaching for a powder, but with a lighter hand, it has a nice finish and could be a great base for drier skins.

There really is so much to choose from LUSH's Emotional Brilliance range, and it's no harm that the packaging is rather nice too. A quick flick through the catalogue could easily equate to a lengthy "want" list!

Have you tried any LUSH cosmetics?