*New favourite foundation alert*

I've found a foundation that ticks all the I-can't-find-my-shade boxes. 

I remained loyal to Rimmel London's Match Perfection in 010 Light Porcelain until it started making my skin feel uncomfortable after a long day, giving me that I can't wait to take my makeup off feeling. And then I couldn't find it stocked anywhere, not even at the Rimmel stand at the Clothes Show.

Cue HG foundation search. Again. I had my heart set on Bobbi Brown Skin but couldn't get hold of any samples, which is where Make-Up Atelier Paris comes in. I can't remember how I came across this brand as a quick Google search sees them hardly mentioned on blogs nor reviewed, but Make-Up Atelier Paris is a professional French make up brand used by make up artists. A quick snoop around the website impressed me as they pride themselves on being "a multi-ethnic brand ... providing a wide range of cruelty free products to men & women of all shades and colours. One of few professional brands to cater equally to African-American, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic skin tones." I don't know about you but I get tired of seeing a fab new foundation launch and then sighing at the limited range of shades. Or seeing a fab foundation launch with a larger range of shades and then the hefty price tag. It's good to see a range of skin colours being considered equally.

On to the foundation - I ordered three samples of the lightest shades MUAP offer to test the formula, colour match and longevity before committing to buying full-size. I am all for samples. They may not be free but at just 75p a pop, it's a cheap mistake if a shade isn't quite right for you.

Although the samples I ordered appeared to differ only slightly in shade, AIR1NB Natural Beige was my perfect skin match. Tick. Using the Real Techniques stippling brush, this foundation blended in to my skin so well, blurring any minor imperfections. A light coverage leaves my skin still looking like my skin, just 10x better.

And it remains perfect until I get home at the end of the day. I always wear foundation with a primer, and some oiliness tends to creep it's way to the surface by mid day, but not with this base. It also hasn't broken me out and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Tick, tick, tick. Can you tell I love it?

The Make-Up Atelier Paris HD Airbrush Foundation 30ml is available in 36 shades on their website for £21.50.

Have you tried any of Make-Up Atelier Paris' products?