I've come to realise I've always loved reading and collecting magazines. This may appear obvious from the shelves full of Elle and Glamour, but then I happened to remember the four binders of 'Aromatherapy & Natural Health' and another four binders full of 'The Essential Guide to Beauty' that I collected in my teens. I went through the discovering-the-wonders-of-beauty stage (still am) and read so much about it (still do).

Although it didn't start then, either. Does anyone else remember Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and the 'Sabrina's Secrets' magazine? It came with a big glittery purple beauty box which, over something like 72 issues, became full of hair mascaras and nail art pens. And the free Salem toy. Unfortunately I don't still have the box as I think one of the cheapy tubes leaked everywhere and it had to be thrown out but I absolutely loved it. There was also the 'Art Magic' series which must've been something my parents bought for me because I can't see why at seven years old I'd want to read about Rembrandt. I probably didn't understand much and looked at all the pictures. However, it's still nice to look back at them and they may come in use at some point in the future.

In more recent years, I've become interested in online and digital magazines. This is probably partly due to being a graphic design student and stumbling across the odd one when I'm researching, whilst it also appeals to my interest in the interactive elements, such as a product being reviewed and a link to an online seller, or a beauty look with a how-to tutorial video. A current favourite is TWO magazine, a monthly online mag by well known make up artists and sisters, Sam Chapman and Nic Haste, alongside contributors, varying from bloggers to experts within the industry.

That said (and on to another topic entirely! I won't go there) I will always prefer a print magazine to digital. The stock used, the print process, the feel of a weighty magazine in your hands, amongst many other things wins, hands down. Ok, I went there, but only a bit.

Edit: How could I forget all the random issues of Smash Hits, Mizz, TOTP and the odd cute pets magazine?