Rewind a month today and I should've attended my first blogging event - still feels nuts to say that - the NEXT Blogger Network Workshop. 

I wasn't able to make it due to the crazy gale force winds causing transport in to and around London a nightmare. I was gutted to miss out on meeting fellow bloggers and the blogger-run workshops, but the lovely PR team still posted me a goody bag.

The gorgeous white Moleskine-esque notebook set my stationary-loving heart a flutter, and the 3 x 3 ornate mini frame is yet to hold a special photo. However my favourite has to be the NEXT Jasmine & Tigerlily luxury candle. This beaut is a strong mix of floral and fruity notes and would be perfect lit alongside a relaxing bath. This candle is said to burn for up to 40 hours, so will last a good while or lots of baths, and would actually make a great present for a friend or female relative. There's some really nicely packaged alternatives on their website. A present that looks expensive and luxe, despite the purse-friendly price tag? Win-win.

Typically I've checked out NEXT's other candle offerings after having almost finished Christmas shopping...

*Just realised that this sounds like some fanatic sponsored post, but it isn't. The gifts were just lovely.