Designed in Australia, published in Berlin, before making it's way through my letterbox. That moment when you receive something and can't wait to devour it. That was me, when I came home to this yesterday. 

Offscreen magazine is in a few words, as it says on the website: "a print magazine about pixel people". But really, it's much more. Ultimately, I love the concept; a high quality (and weighty) periodical that lets you take a look behind-the-scenes of the people that use the internet to be creative and build successful businesses. But moreover, this is published, edited and designed by one person, Kai Brach, based in Australia.

The UI/UX designer-turned-publisher is open about the advantages and disadvantages of creating the publication (video here), and it has to be noted that his dedication to the project is admirable. An inspiration to freelancers within any field. 

I fortunately came across the publication due to Brach's "pricing experiment" had gone viral in an 18 hour period, probably due to a helpful retweet via StackMagazines. Yet the concept, the designer's story, the beautiful design throughout, the blog, were what made me click 'buy now'. And I would 'buy now' again.

Have you heard of Offscreen?

( Pictured: Offscreen magazine Issue 5)