Post-Colour B4: my hair is in need of a bit of TLC. General hair woe: lacking volume at the roots. Most days I'll run a little of ORGANIX MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL SERUM through the ends after shampooing, let my hair do it's own thing while it dries and then grab the straighteners to tame any flyaways.

On days when I have more than two minutes - make up over hair, just me? - this trio contributes to making just that little bit more effort. If, like me, you dislike the feel of product in your hair, these products also fit that category.

First, ORGANIX MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL SERUM [insert alternative serum/oil here]. These products are packed with silicones and simply cover up damage, but I still swear by hair oils. I tell myself I'm only loading the ends of my hair with silicone, so it doesn't weigh it down and they get cut off anyway... any justification. This oil has been a god send for making my dry ends feel and look healthy after using ColourB4, lasting until the next hair wash. Plus it has that salon smell, which is always nice when the reality is you're at home sans hair stylist.

This is followed by spraying the BUMBLE AND BUMBLE. THICKENING HAIRSPRAY liberally all over. When I had longer (heavier) hair, this added zero root lift or 'thickness' whatsoever; this product doesn't defy gravity. But now my hair is mid length, a quick upside down blow dry and this stuff adds texture and a little much-needed root lift.

After blow drying, I style and follow up with L'OREAL STUDIO #TXT VOLUME SUPERSIZE SPRAY sprayed in to the layers and zhuzh it a bit. I wish I could say this product gives supersized volume but it only seems to give a bit of texture to layers, aka the bottom third of my hair. This product could work better on finer, shoulder length or shorter hair. It smells nice, isn't heavy, crunchy, etc but that's just the point... it's not much. That said I've had compliments on my hair having used this product, but still, I'll use this up and then I've got my eye on the Charles Worthington Oribe-dupe!

Do you use any of these products? Any recs for root-lift also welcome! :)