Despite a few incidences with the apartment we stayed in in West Kensington, a weekend spent sightseeing (spotting Gogglebox's Sandra), shopping (popping in to every beauty hall), laughing and plenty of eating was the perfect way to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday.

My main three recommendations would be:

+ The Ice Bar, W1B 4BN If you haven't been, it's worth a visit. Forty minutes of cocktails in ice glasses, marvelling at the ice interiors and club music. Perfect in the recent hot weather!

Cafe Football, Westfield, E20 1EN Obviously my OH's recommendation, but even if you know next to nothing about football (me), you'll still love the decor and enjoy the hearty portions. We both ordered an 'All for One' from the football themed menu and not only was the food well presented, but tasted amazing too. We intend to make another visit.

Sign up to SRO Audiences As big comedy fans, we're signed up to the SRO audiences mailing list and frequently receive invitations to watch TV recordings for free. As you would expect, most are London or Manchester based so we can't always make them at short notice, but we managed to snap up tickets to watch Jason Manford record at ITV studios, having only applied the previous day. It's always a great evening out, especially if you're on a budget.

The next time I visit I intend to hit up Homeslice!

Have you visited any of these? What are your must-sees in London?