I find that balance Me. is one of those brands that appears to have 'the whole package'. 

They have a natural, beauty-forward approach to the science behind their products and are transparent about the ingredients they use - and don't use. I particularly like that they include a lengthy list of the ingredients on each product and that they 'translate' the INCI names for ingredients on the back of the product itself for the average consumer to understand. I mean Pogostemon cablin is patchouli oil - who knew?

And if the '100% natural origin' claim isn't enough to convince you, their products contain *deep breath* - no parabens, sulphates, petroleum (pet hate - Vaseline), mineral oils, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene, glycol, artificial fragrances or colours.

It's all good stuff basically. They even use natural source vitamin E and rosemary extract to preserve the products, proving that nasty chemicals aren't exactly necessary. Nor do they test on animals.

On to the lip salves themselves! I first used the BALANCE ME. ROSE OTTO INTENSIVE LIP SALVE and although I'm not sure it "plumps", I find it does smooth and hydrate the lips. The rose scent took a little getting used to as I don't tend to love it but it has grown on me. So much so, I used it very regularly like a lip balm, rather than an intensive treatment as it'd suggest.

Secondly, I received the BALANCE ME. LIMITED EDITION SHINE ON TINTED LIP SALVE with my Glamour subscription this month; I had hoped this would turn up on my doorstep from the four freebies available! When I spied the glitter inside the tube, my stomach sank at the thought of spangly lips but that aside, it gives a lovely gloss and 'your lips but better' slight tint, with no glitter in sight. The surprisingly fresh lemon citrus scent is also lovely.

I think the main thing that appeals to me about both lip salves is there is no gloopy, sticky feel once applied and my lips don't feel parched and peel once it has dried (Vaseline...). Also for someone that hates sticking fingers in pots, they apply straight from the tube :)

I'd love to try more balance Me products as they offer all sorts, ranging from skin care to hair care - in such nicely designed, minimalist yet still pretty, feminine packaging!

Have you tried these balance Me. lip salves?

Are there any other balance Me. products you would recommend?