danielletc / Review: Beautylish app
danielletc / Review: Beautylish app

This app is a little something for everyone with an interest in beauty. 

It has a mix of articles, product reviews in a Makeup Alley-esque way and a 'talk' page where you can look for advice or have a read of other people's threads. There are many how to tutorial videos, and a photo sharing category where you can look at nail art, SFX makeup and hairstyles to name a few.

I read the majority of the articles, some written by those in the industry, while some are more light-hearted. 

The clean, slick user interface let's the content do all the talking. It's easy to navigate your way around and I haven't had a problem in the time I've used it (unlike some apps!).

The website/app requires an initial sign up for a personalised profile, but once that's done you won't have to sign in again. You can also add your own content!

Although one advantage the website has is the added Shop area, where boutiques such as Anna Sui or Too Faced cosmetics are advertised, or products that have been recommended in their articles.

The Beautylish app is available for free for iPhone and Android.

What do you think of the Beautylish app? Do you know of any similar apps?