Smashbox appear to have gone off the radar of recent, but this is probably one of their best known products. It's scooped up 'Winner of Best of Sephora Award for Best Primer' and referred to as one of Marie Claire's "25 Products That Will Change Your Life" to name a few. Also, the packaging of this has changed a little since I bought this set almost three years ago (! - I've kept the box for that long).

I haven't looked for or tried another primer since, or even used up the contents of both these tubes yet. I admit, they're at the squeeze tube in weird ways to get it out stage and the expiry date obsessive in me sees '12 mths' but chooses to ignore it, but two tubes = two years, right...? I can't remember the last time I applied make up without it.

Anyone with problematic skin of some sort, will know that at times, particularly foundation can look patchy upon application, or perhaps you just want the base you spent time perfecting to actually stay put beyond the minute you leave the house. For both these reasons and as my last primer felt heavy on the skin, I tried this.

What initially drew me to this primer was that it was oil-free, suitable for normal to combination skin and applies clear on the skin. I also hoped it would blur the appearance of pores, without clogging and breaking me out. Thankfully it didn't. 

I don't think I've ever worn this alone as Smashbox suggests, but it does create a velvety surface ready for a base, whether that's mineral powder or liquid foundation. A little goes a long way, as I guess three years later, shows! 

The only downfall to this is yes, it smoothes the surface of the skin but it doesn't combat any really dehydrated, dry areas on the face. So not a complete miracle product but I suppose a suitable moisturiser would sort those.

Smashbox offer a whole range of primers targeted at different needs , and this primer in a 'light' version.

Have you tried this Smashbox primer or any of their other primers?