Just a thought. How different life must have been before we owned all of this developing technology within our own four walls. Pre-phones, tablets, laptops.

I realise I may sound ignorant here, but bear with me

. Particularly without the internet, as it provides hours upon hours of entertainment at the touch of a button (or screen).

Now of course, I wouldn't be writing this post if there were no such thing. Nor putting it out to potentially anyone in the world with an internet connection. The irony.

The internet is a great thing, and I am most probably addicted to it. I suppose I grew up with the evolution of home computers; the world wide web becoming available to all through dial-up. But all of that and my love for it aside, I can't help but feel it can be a distraction from living in the moment.

I enjoy nothing more than being with the ones I love with my phone out of reach. Not feeling the need to tweet and Instagram every given moment, something that really isn't necessary to be shared with everyone else, just the people there. It doesn't even have to be considered private. Just truly being in the moment.

I've also realised that since owning a smartphone, if I have nothing to keep me occupied, I'll just check through a few apps, a few social networks. I think they call it FOMO or fear of missing out. I'd agree to an extent.

This also rings true when I lost my phone, and had to wait two weeks for another. I didn't have a smartphone or any phone for that period. At first it took a bit of getting used to but then I soon became accustomed to being without. I preferred it.

It's only then you realise how you're obsessively checking on things that aren't really important. You also take in your


surroundings more. A bus journey wasn't spent staring at my phone screen; instead admiring the simple things that often get ignored as I absorb another 140 characters. Real existence, the real world.

When I received that replacement phone through the post, I resumed office. Compulsively checking Facebook, not that I even use it much anymore. Some may consider it an attachment to a material object but I think it's more than that.

As much as I enjoy using it and I am in fact dependent on it as a designer, technology isn't worth taking up every spare minute of my time. I'm not a robot, I'm a human. I'm not reliant on technology,

although a temperamental internet connection does test my patience

The bottom line? There's more to life than the internet.