The question, 'why do you blog?' has been posed regularly in recent months. At first, I didn't have nor feel the need to have an eloquent answer. Yet, on reflection - this is why I blog.


In the face of independent bookshops and libraries closing nationwide, it's interesting to see the recently launched The Man Booker Prize and book vloggers collaboration come to light. Collaboration aside, the vloggers that are participating in the build up to the literary prize* articulate their thoughts (and not just about books), in the way all the best chatty videos do: like a (albeit one-sided) conversation with a friend. 

It's not often I turn to 'BookTube'. In all honesty, I feel that the book community - amongst others - can go unnoticed in a seeming shift to video effects and 'look at me' YT, framed by all the ads.

I can name just two book-related vloggers on my subscription list. When those faces aren't popping up repeatedly in every pre-video ad, sadly, they can be easily overlooked.

To name one of the Man Booker vloggers: Leena aka justkissmyfrog, and notably, just one of her thought-provoking videos, What makes a 'strong woman'?. I could try to type a response to this video, and perhaps I will at a later date; it could take a few drafts. In short, I legitimately spent a few hours watching her channel. Straight. Other vloggers include Jen, Jean, Lauren and Ariel.* I'm steadily making my way through their playlists, too.


Such content reminds me why I read blogs, and starting blogging. To me, it's about sharing opinions and perspectives. To just create even if no one reads; to potential readers, or within a community. Divulging in niches I don't yet have a grasp of, or have the first clue about. At a 1543-unread-posts-ready-to-devour rate.

*Jen / Jenvcampbell, Jean / Bookishthoughts, Lauren / Reads and Daydreams, Ariel / Ariel Bissett